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Edmonton Appliance repair, Appliance Repair Edmonton
We Service All Makes and Models

Windsor Appliance Repair provides it's customers with a wide array of different appliance services. If you’ve noticed noisy machines, fraying wires, or malfunctions of any variety, contact us for fast and affordable appliance service in Windsor and surrounding areas.

We Can Help You !

Windsor Appliance Repair is a one stop repair center for all of your home appliances repair needs. Windsor Appliance Repair is one of the leading independent appliance repair and servicing appliances in Windsor and  surrounding areas, We pride ourselves on offering the best services to our clients.

If you are facing troubles with your refrigerator, freezer, oven, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, we fix all brands that you may have. Call us now on 519-567-0505 and get the best repair services in Windsor area.

You Can Make a Difference

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing the fastest and most efficient appliance services available.  If you can’t cook because of a damaged oven or stove top, if your food won’t stay fresh because of a failing refrigerator, or if your clothes come out damp and moldy smelling after leaving your washer or dryer, contact us for fast, affordable, and correct appliance repairs, installation, and other services.

The appliances that are in our homes – washers, dryers, fridges and stoves – play a major role in our lives. They do a lot for us, from cleaning dishes, clothes, storing food, and more, but what you may not realize is they add to your monthly electric bill and they put increasing power demands on your local power company.

 Family owned and operated with fully licensed and certified gas technician, journeyman commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.                                 

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Work!

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