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Fridge Repair Services

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Most common Fridge problems:

- Not cold enough

- Feezer warm

- Fridge warm

- Defrost problem

- Fan not working

- Freezer not freezing

- Leaking water

- Food spoiled

- No power

- No light

- Compressor not working

- Leaking freon

- Noisy

- Ice maker not working

- Not dispencing water

Just Give Us a Call !   (519)-567-0505

Whether you need a light bulb, Fan Motor, Door Seal, Compressor, Thermostat or other emergency repair — You can trust Windsor Appliance Repair to quickly diagnose and fix your Refrigeration problem:

•   Trained technicians service all major brands refrigerators and freezers.
•   We repair from the latest in high tech to the oldest equipment.
•   Repair trucks are stocked with factory-replacement parts and we repair most
     refrigerator/freezers on first visit

•   Specialize in newer and computerizing fridge
•   No job is too small or too large for Windsor Appliance Repair. From       

     small under-counter refrigerators/freezers & ice maker to built in fridge                    Windsor Appliance Repair offers the best service at lowest rates. 


 Windsor Appliance Repair is one stop repair center for all your repair needs. If you live in or around Windsor and your fridge is in need of repair, Call  519-567-0505



We Service all Makes and Models

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