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Most common Freezer problems:

- Defrost problem

- Noisy

- Not freezing

- Beeping

- Error code

- No power

- Leaking water

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Freezer Repair Services

Most modern appliances have made things more convenient. Freezers are one of them. With a freezer in the house, you can keep more food in your home, and make fewer trips to the grocery store. That's a big convenience. Unfortunately sometimes freezers do break, and when they do, you are left with a lot of food that could potentially spoil. Time is of the essence.​

There are several things that can cause a freezer to stop working. A trained appliance technician from Total Home Appliance Repair knows exactly what to look for when your freezer is on the fritz.

If your freezer has stopped working all together, then you know it is time for a repair call. Your freezer could also have a huge build up of ice, or it could be playing tricks on you by defrosting one day, and then freezing again the next.

Don't let your food spoil. Call Windsor Appliance Repair today. They will be able to get your freezer to chill out!

​Windsor Appliance Repair is one stop repair center for all your repair needs. If you live in or around Windsor and  your freezer is in need of repair, Call  519-567-0505



We Service all Makes and Models

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