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Washer Repair Services

 Most common Washer problems:

- Motor stops working or doesn’t run
- Leaking water
- Not turning

- Does not drain from the washer properly
- Washer does not spray rinse
- Washer does not agitate
- Washer not filling
- Washer spins slowly
- Washer stops spinning
- No agitate and spin – motor runs

- Error codes

- Stop mid cycle

Just Give Us a Call !   (519)-567-0505

A washer is an integral appliance within the home. When it stops working or breaks down, life can become disturbed. This is when you need to find the professionals at WIndsor Appliance Repair, who are competent with performing the best washer repair. There are several types of washer repair that are common to occur with most washer. To understand the problem and handling different brands of washer repair requires year of experience.

Windsor Appliance Repair is one stop repair center for all your repair needs. If you live in or around Windsor and  your washer is in need of repair, Call  519-567-0505





We Service all Makes and Models

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